Chair of Developmental Biology

Professorship of Zoology (Developmental Biology)

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Master students


Recent professors and lecturers

Prof. Dr. Manfred Frasch 

Chair, Division of Developmental Biology (2006-2020)


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On this picture you can see Prof. Dr. Manfred Frasch.
Dr. Wolfgang Heimler

(until 2016)

Dr. Hanh Thi Nguyen


PD Dr. Karl Herrmann

(until 2009)

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Büning

Professor of Zoology, Division of Zoology I/Developmental Biology (until 2007)

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Haas

Head of Parasitology Group, Division of Zoology I (1985-2005)

Prof. Dr. Lutz-Thilo Wasserthal