Group Dr. Schmidl

Fields of research and public relations

Our labgroup studies a range of entomo-ecological topics, esp. applied landscape-ecological and biodiversity-related studies in forests and waters, aimed at local / regional / state-scale/ higher scale impact. Research is almost conducted within an network of ecologist (other universities or projects) and NGO- or official institutions (e.g. forestry, nature conservation, land care, water management etc.), special emphasis is given to a transmission of scientific results into landscape-ecological practice.

  • Studies in ecology and diversity of insects, esp. aquatic and xylobiontic beetles
  • Analysis of habitat- and structure-related insect communities as bioindicators for evaluation and managment in nature conservation issues (…and release of method standards for landscape ecology practice)
  • Taxonomy and checklists (Bavaria, Germany)
  • Coordination of red data books for beetles:  Rote Liste der Käfer Bayerns 2003“ (Bayer. Landesamt für Umweltschutz), „Rote Liste der Käfer Deutschlands 2008“ (Bundesamt für Naturschutz), with H. Bussler


Viviana Brandt
Philipp Ihle
Vanilla Mertl
Nico Roth
Julia Rothacher
Jonas Schärdel
Lina Voß
Assad Ali Zaman
Timo Zippelius

Zoological Collection